Sociopathic Checklist

Here is a list from a professional diagnostic about sociopathic disturbances in very young children (1-5yrs). Sociopathy is very rare. Many children exhibit one or two of these symptoms on occasion, but in an innocent or testing way. Any cluster or habitual set of them should send you looking for professional help immediately.

  • Talks about things that are scary or disgusting
  • bullies children (hits, bites, shoves…)
  • has no child friends; perhaps a sadistic imaginary friend
  • Swears
  • hurts animals on purpose
  • ritually and intentionally disfigures dolls/figures
  • has strange habits (i.e. tries to strangle self, repetitively draws strange symbols)
  • is violent towards caregivers
  • threatens
  • has an eerie sense of humor/happiness
  • is precocious about destructive themes, strategies
  • concocts pretend plan to kill parents/sibling, set something on fire, steal, etc.

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