Turansky & Miller

Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining…

This is a good book because it talks about getting your child’s heart right, not just their behavior.  It has some practical tips but doesn’t make a religion out of saying the right thing, using a specific behavioral formula, etc.  The authors stress how obedience (external behavior) and honor (attitude in the heart) go together in creating a loving child.  They dwell mostly on honor and how to foster this character trait, which in turn gets rid of most of the whining, complaining, arguing, and resisting your child will do.  I can’t say whether or not it works yet, but it is food for thought.  Especially since it doesn’t encourage a works mentality. It basically says to err on the side of explaining what you want to your child before requesting obedience if you are a stricter parent, or asking for obedience prior to explanation if you are a more permissive parent.  This balance, I think, accounts for the different personalities and genders of parents involved in childraising.


One thought on “Turansky & Miller

  1. Dealing with heart issues over behavioural issues is excellent because it could be the difference between raising a Pharisee (knows how to perform for the approval of others) or a truly soft-hearted child that grows into an adult open to God’s leading.

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