Pregnancy Vitamins

Shaklee’s are definitely the best.  (

The Vita-Lea multivitamins come in jars of 120 or 240.  You take one twice a day with food.  They come with or without iron.  These are the only vitamins I’ve ever felt a difference with, compared to when I don’t take vitamins.  They make you feel replenished if you’ve just had a baby, or keep you from feeling depleted if you’re currently pregnant.  And they are natural, mild, and from an environmentally-conscious company.  (They’ve got great cleaning products too, if you can afford them.)

And no, I’m not a distributor =)  I don’t know anyone who works for the company either.

I’m just an advocate because I hate vitamins, in general.  I’m a total skeptic when it comes to them because the idea just doesn’t make sense.  How can you get the benefits of eating healthy if you don’t actually do it but take a little pill?  How can artificially made vitamins and minerals really get absorbed into your body? Why are there so many types and combinations of vitamins—don’t I smell profiteering?  I have a million questions like these, and I feel confirmed because  super-super health gurus also all deny taking vitamins to be beneficial.

That said, how can you argue with the medical establishment that folic acid isn’t important?  Or that supplements of vitamin C prevent scurvy?  Or that the Marines put people on fasts of vitamins and water, and they can still train?   There must be at least something to the idea.

For the longest time I never felt anything, to be honest.  I took prescription vitamins when I was pregnant with my first baby (of course!  because I was a first-time mom).   They were fifteen dollars for fourteen, so that was annoying.  I took no vitamins when I was pregnant with my second baby, partly because I didn’t know I was pregnant for quite awhile and partly because I was reacting to my annoyance with the prescription ones from before.  I relented and took a combination of Flinstones and One-A-Day vitamins for my third pregnancy.  And then I finally caved and bought some expensive Shaklees after I gave birth to my third baby because I felt depleted and a mom friend of mine (with seven children) swore by them.  Guess what?  I started feeling better almost immediately!  I was humbled.

Since then, I have been on them for almost two years now.  And I am definitely healthier than I was between my other pregnancies.  But, I have to admit that none of my children were born any healthier than the others.  They all were delivered fine, weighed a lot at birth, have good teeth so far, and are generally following the same growth patterns.  None of them have allergies, asthma, or any other severe thing.  I definitely felt absolutely no difference when I didn’t take vitamins and when I took the prescription or One-A-Day ones.  They were just a chore.

I have noticed now that the iron-fortified vitamins make me a little constipated.  This is already a problem during pregnancy, so that’s kind of a bummer.  And they accentuated my morning sickness (which was mainly at night, actually).  So I got around that by not taking my evening vitamin when I was pregnant with my fourth baby, and by getting the non-iron-fortified kind now.  I am much happier.  In general, I have discovered that many of my pregnant friends feel drastically better when they stop taking their multivitamins during their morning sickness time.  That is a risk you have to be willing to take, of course, but perhaps the body knows what it needs at that time and vitamins are just not it.  Likely it is just the iron, which is a nausea culprit.  Try skipping the iron-fortified kind if you are majorly sick.  When I was pretty sick with my fourth, my midwife told me that skipping a couple months of the vitamin was fine since I had been on them for awhile and was eating healthy.  When I resumed the vitamin around the fifth month, it didn’t have those negative effects.  And needless to say, my fourth baby came out fine… she’s probably the healthiest one so far.

So if you are weighing your vitamin options at this time, I would suggest Shaklees if you are going to take them at all.  And I’d probably skip the iron if I had morning sickness.  I’d try to eat as healthy as possible though, still being somewhat of a skeptic.  Because I trust God and nature, I have to believe that the best supplements will always come from the actual food you are eating.


17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Vitamins

  1. I have to agree with you on the vitamins making the morning sickness worse. I don’t think it matters what kind of “prenatal” or multivitamin that you use, if you experience morning sickness chances are good, this will make it more intense. That’s how my last pregnancy was until I stopped taking them for the 18 weeks I felt sick. Then I started them up again, once I was past the sick stage. Morning sickness sure isn’t fun.

  2. It’s so great to read about your experience with Shaklee’s supplements. I’ve been using Shaklee for over 30 years.

    When my daughter was pregnant with her two boys her doctor looked at the Vita-Lea and said these are better than anything else I can prescribe for you!

    Thanks for publishing your statement. It might help someone else who might be looking for a safe supplement to take.

    The best of luck to you.


  3. From what I’ve heard, the Vita Lea plus an Omega 3 would be the equivalent of what you’d get in a typical “pre natal” vitamin. But with the best of Shaklee science behind it.

  4. In some taking vitamins bring them comfort and at peace because they knew that they follow what’s good for them. Personally, vitamins are really needed for pregnant women.


  5. Wow! A Shaklee Vitamin fan! I have also experimented with vitamins during my pregnancies, though I never went the Flintstone’s route. 🙂 The biggest vitamin help for me for pregnancy was the B Vitamin, Folic Acid. I didn’t prepare for my first pregnancy by taking B Vitamins to assist with morning sickness and was very sick during the first trimester of my first pregnancy. Why? I didn’t know I was going to get pregnant. We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. When we planned the second pregnancy, I did lots of supplementing with Folic Acid. Guess what? I barely had any morning sickness with the second one and got another beautiful baby boy!

  6. Vitamins are good, especially for pregnant women since they really need the “extra” intake for the fetus growth.

    Shaklee probably is one of the good ones. However, you are also right. “Real” food is much better.

    Congratulation for the fourth 😀

  7. It is certainly true that vitamin C helps to prevent scurvy – I wrote an article on this last year. As for vitamins in general, they can certainly help with things like faster wound healing, but only have significant effects for people with relatively poor diets that are lacking in some types of nutrients. If your diet is OK, then the vitamins are not strictly necessary, although you can still take them as a kind of insurance policy.

  8. I had the same experience with the prenatal vitamins my doctor prescribed for me. I didn’t have the option then of taking vitamins without iron. I had to wait until after I was 6 months along to take the vitamins because they made me so sick. Morning sickness all day long

  9. I too am against vitamins and would normally prefer to get required vitamins from natural sources. However, when pregnant I believe that these things can’t be left to chance and so I am in agreement that prescription vitamins or at least some well known brand should be used.
    The same goes for folic acid which can be found in some vegetables like spinnach but whilst trying to get pregnant I wouldn’t risk not taking a suppliment.

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  12. You cannot believe how great these vitamins are. I’ve been looking for something like this. Through 6 pages of Google results without finding anything. One search on Bing. There it was!…. Everyone Gotta start using vitamins more often

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  14. my friends recently found out she was pregnant and has been complaining about the pills making her feel soo sick she doesnt even wantto get out of bed. and she just feels tired all the time.. so i might recommend this for her.. i just wonder once you have started on the pills.. is it okay to just switch them up like that?

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