Miscellaneous baby questions

I’m going to keep a list of Q&A that people are putting my search bar…

1. Do you really get hot spots in your baby’s bottle if you microwave it?

-No, not if you shake it up really good afterwards. And don’t microwave it for long.

2. Does saying “Shh shh” really quiet a crying baby?

– I don’t think it is magic but it can’t hurt. What quiets the baby is the rhythm–it organizes the brain’s sensory information and provides order where there is disorder from crying, confusion, or tiredness. So I suppose the combination of rocking and saying something soft in a rhythm gives you two-for-one. (They don’t quiet because it mimics the womb!)

3. Are brand name diapers better than generics?

– Pampers are definitely better. But some generics rival the other brands, it depends.

4. Are cloth diapers better than disposable?

– For skin, probably. For cost, no. For landfill problems, yes. For saving water and energy, no. For toilet training, possibly. For cleanliness/hygiene, no. For absorbance, no. For lifestyle/values, yes sometimes.

5. Does Pepto Bismol affect nursing?

-No. Nurse away.

6. Does Pepto Bismol affect pregnancy?

-No. But it can make you even more constipated than you probably are, so figure out how to deal with that.

7. What time is normal for a baby to go to bed?

– It’s a personal judgment. I started aiming for 10pm around 2months of age, 9pm for most of my baby’s life, and working back to 8pm between 12-18 months. But the most important thing for me was my baby sleeping through the night (until at least 7am), so I would have changed my bedtimes if I was struggling in this area. 6:30pm is too early for a bedtime, in my opinion.

8. Is it normal for my newborn to make chirping sounds when she swallows?

– Yes. A child swallowing fast may make all kinds of funny sounds for a month or two.

9. When does a baby stay awake all day?

– It depends on the baby and what time you are putting them to bed at night. Babies need at least one and sometimes two naps (about 1.5-2.5 hrs each) for the whole first year. Other than that, they should be awake all day without a problem starting around six or seven months and assuming they are sleeping through the night at least seven hours.

10. When does a toddler drop their nap?

– Many toddlers drop their nap sometime between 2 and 3yrs old. At eighteen months, they should still have one, especially if they sleep less than 10 hours at night, and many three year olds still need at least a one hour catnap until they are almost 4yrs.

11. Do you need to suction a baby if they have stuff in their noses while they nurse?

– Most babies hate suction bulbs, so I don’t do it for nursing purposes unless they can’t stay latched on. This means their noses are sufficiently blocked that they need their mouths to breathe, which makes nursing impossible. Otherwise, suction after nursing and get someone to help you hold their head and hands still.

12. When do babies stop putting stuff in their mouths?

– Everyone is different, but a baby can start to be trained not to put stuff in their mouths around 9 months. They have developed enough to distinguish most food from non-food, have probably gotten their first teeth already, and are morally capable of learning “no” or not to do something. But most babies can be expected to mouth things of interest for awhile longer, and you should continue to see this as normal until around 18 months. At that point, if they are still going strong, you need to put more effort into teaching them not to. A two-year old should definitely be weaned. It is normal for a two-year old to put something in their mouth that looks like candy, but they should not be mouthing or exploring objects through that avenue… they should be using their eyes, hands, brains, etc.

13.  Can you give toddlers Gatorade?

– Yes, and you should if you think they’re dehydrated.  I would even give it to an older baby if they were having trouble drinking Pedialyte or keeping it down.


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