Children’s medications

I am not sure why the big buzz is about taking children’s Tylenol off the market, as well as all the normal OTC drugs. While they may be used often out of the mother’s fears rather than warranted, the reality is that any mom should be able to gauge the effectiveness of fever reducer or cough medicine. I am not sure why they think after all these years of using them, that they don’t work.

Like any mother of toddlers, I have given gas drops too often or a little too much Motrin while my baby was teething. However, it did not kill them and it definitely seemed to produce results. I remember in particular an occasion recently when I woke up at two in the morning to hearing my young toddler moaning in his bed and it was clear he had a dreadful fever. He felt like a hot water bottle. So I stripped off his clothes, got a cool washcloth, and gave him some children’s Tylenol or ibuprofen. Then I laid out on the guest bed, stretching his little body out on mine so his cheek was resting on my chest, and praying for him. He sounded a little scary too, like he might have been coming down with pneumonia or something in his chest. But probably it was just the side effect of his fever on his breathing. More than a little scared because he was sicker than I’d seen him, I was imagining having to take him to the emergency room because there were no doctors up at this time of night. He was also my third child, so it wasn’t like the normal first-time mom, first-time baby worries.

Now maybe God healed him, or maybe the cool washcloth was all he needed, but within twenty or thirty minutes, he had stopped moaning and was resting easy on me. I could tell his fever was down, his breathing was congested but better, and I was out of panic mode. Let me tell you, at that moment, I sure thanked God for the Tylenol! I am pretty sure that it helped him because it took the standard amount of time it usually takes to get into the system. Now the FDA is telling me that I am going to have to go on faith alone when these types of things occur? I am not sure that is wise. Any mom with common sense is going to want to try some children’s medication before rushing their thirteen month old to the hospial in the middle of the night. I think the recall of OTC is totally unwise, and the world will soon find out.

Take another situation where my two-year old was suffering with earaches and head colds for an entire winter. He would literally cough all night while he was sleeping. You better believe I gave him cough suppressant every evening to help him get as much sleep as he could! Now I am smart enough to realize that cough medicine doesn’t cure anything, but I am also smart enough to know that there was a difference between when I gave it to him and when I forgot. That winter was long and hard, and if I hadn’t had a steady supply of generic suppressant, he and I would have been considerably more miserable.

So we will see whether the recall is going to take effect, and how long. While I am certainly against the abuse of medicine, especially for children, I believe I join the ranks of many traditional moms who say, “Sorry guys. I’m against this one.”


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