Child Training Books from My Library

Reviews to come later. For now, here’s just a list with rankings.


Babywise (3.5 stars)

Toddlerwise (3 stars)

Mission of Motherhood (5 stars)

Boundaries with Kids (4 stars)

Seasons of a Mother’s Heart (5 stars)

Shepherding a Child’s Heart (5 stars)

Secrets of a Baby Whisperer (5 stars)

Parenting from the Heart (4 stars)

And Then I Had Kids (4 stars)

Parenting with Love and Logic (3 stars)

Hints on Child Training (4 stars)

Don’t Make Me Count To Three (4 stars)

Heart of Anger (4 stars)

Say Goodbye to Whining (4 stars)

What the Bible Says About Child Training (3 stars)

Teach Them Diligently (4 stars)

Setting Limits in the Classroom (4.5 stars)

The Baby Book (2 stars)

American Academy of Pediatrics- Your Baby’s First Year (3 stars)

What to Expect the First Year (3 stars)

What to Expect the Toddler Years (3 stars)

Raising Cain (4 stars)

Bringing up Boys (5 stars)

Parenting isn’t for Cowards (4 stars)

On My Honor (4 stars)

Education/Child Devlpmt

Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready (3.5 stars)

The Out of Sync Child (4.5 stars)

The Gift of Dyslexia (3.5 stars)

The Well-Trained Mind (3.5 stars)

An Educated Child (3.5 stars)

The Child with Special Needs (4.5 stars)

Follow Me as I Follow Christ (5 stars)

Honey for a Child’s Heart (3.5 stars)


5 stars: among the best on the subject that I’ve found so far

4.5 stars: very good, but not quite as good as the best

4 stars: definitely worth adding to your shelf

3.5: valuable points without the displeasing effect

3 stars: valuable points but had a mildly displeasing effect


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