Does Being Pregnant with Boys feel different than Girls?

It depends on who you ask.  For every mom who swears they knew what gender their baby was because it felt totally different than her other pregnancy, you will get a mom who says her different gender pregnancies felt exactly the same.  The same is true with how you carry… For every mom who says they carried their boys big and round out front (the “I just swallowed a basketball” look), you will find a mom who says that’s what she looked like when she had her girls.

So maybe everybody has their own truth.

I had three boys and one girl, and I was definitely one of those people who saw a huge difference between the genders.  I mean huge—hardly anything was the same.  I craved different, felt sick different, slept different, had different moods and skin issues, different pains, different weight gain, etc.  In appearance I definitely had the skinny but basketball carrying look with my boys and the all over rounded-out look with my girl.  But that’s just me.  A hundred people are like me and a hundred people are different.

I guess I would say that if you are experiencing a pregnancy that is radically different from the previous one, that there is probably a greater chance that you are carrying the opposite gender.  But if you are experiencing the same type of pregnancy, there’s probably really no way to tell.  So much goes into a pregnancy other than the hormonal differences you are supporting in utero, so it’s best to rely on ultrasounds rather than old wives’ tales… or the experience of your best friend =)


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